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  • Middleweight cc Supersport Shootout - COMPARISON TEST. Clearly, there has never been a better time to be in the market for a middleweight sportbike. To determine which one of these highly honed haulers is best, we gathered together five cc Fours–the new Honda CBRRR.

    It's significant that a cc motorcycle is at the top of this list, ahead of some of . Suzuki's cc entry on this list is the GSX-R, perhaps the market's most.

    Depends. However. the Zx6r Is the best. It has been featured in some liter bike shootouts. (in my opinion) However, any of the japanese sport bikes are.

    The torquey does drive off low-speed corners really well, though, its close-ratio transmission giving it a gear for every occasion, and letting it accelerate where most of the s are waiting to get into the meat of their powerbands. If getting the most bang for your buck is the order of the day, then you can do a lot worse than by investing in a used cc motorcycle. A more upright position would also be more comfortable. What you get are the triple howl, which must be heard to be appreciated, and a riding position that allows canyon carving with the supersports as well as comfortable all day rides.

    10 Most Popular Sport Bikes | RideNow Powersports

    It has been featured in some liter bike shootouts. Yamaha R6 - is the most aggressive. Bone stock, it has the most uncomfortable seat. Honda CBRrr out of production - is the best daily ridable supersport. Good midrange power a little better. However, I know that its is quite comfortable is a safe balance between power and comfort. Daytona r- This bike. This bike is more powerful than the Zx6r but it an inline 3 ingine versus all the other bikes being an inline 4 configuration.

    Amazing electronics, sound and looks……. I f this your goal from buying a motorcycle. Stick to economy cars. One other thing to mention - cc bikes do require some maintenance. Having a competent mechanic familiar with the brand is very handy when you need valve adjustments. This could be a big deciding factor. In addition, when a bike gets old more than 5 years , some parts and like fairing plastics may no longer become available.

    Most of the cc SuperSports are covered with very expensive plastic. If you drop it and break it, you may not be able to find a replacement. The big Japanese Brands like Honda have a pretty good supply but I am not so sure about others do your homework, if you plan to keep the bike more than a few years.

    One of them got scratched. The MOST important choice is usually comfort. Sport bikes require a very different riding posture with your stomach over the gas tank, and your knees hugging the tank. Depending on your height and weight, some models maybe much more comfortable than others though aftermarket seats are usually also available.

    Furthermore, sometimes the foot pegs are too low or too high and the riding position is too uncomfortable. You really need to ride each model to determine whether it will work for you. As far as performance, unless you are a pro racer and plan to race on the race track exclusively , the difference between the top 4 Japanese c sport bikes will not be so great.

    Some are friendlier, I like CBR for beginner riders; others like Yamaha R6 have crazy red lines for experienced racers. For non-experts, these differences will not be as important as the other factors I mentioned earlier.

    It depends on what type of riding you will do with it if you plan to race, probably an Yamaha R6. Comfort wise the Honda is usually the best of all the japanese bikes. If you're talking strictly performance the Triumph Daytona is a heck of a bike. I usually ride the Hondas, because I'm not a racer any more, and the rider position is the least aggressive and best for the street. Power wise, on the street you're not going to notice a lot of difference between all the Japanese motorcycles.

    But, they will each have their own personality and quirks. Some are more twitchy on throttle response, some chassis turn in better than others. But if you are not on a track you won't need the fastest turn in, or most aerodynamic position. Your best bet is to ride all the models and find the one that fits you most comfortably and that you enjoy riding. The lack of fairings does limit top speed to about , but the acceleration and power to weight ratio are nearly identical to a GSX-R What you get are the triple howl, which must be heard to be appreciated, and a riding position that allows canyon carving with the supersports as well as comfortable all day rides.

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    Top 5 600cc Motorcycles 2017 \\ supersport \\ +Top speed!

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