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  • Plugless uses inductive charging technology to eliminate the need to plug in your Tesla. Using two aligned magnetic coils, power is sent to your EV over an air.

    More than twice the power in the same elegant enclosures. Up to kW charging and Gen 2 Plugless system. A kW Plugless system for the Tesla Model S.

    Tesla is a well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles. The company's founder is not Ilon Mask, as many believe. Mask is one of Tesla's main sponsors and her public face. The company has an interesting principle of work - they do not hide their designs and patents. All of them are available for use and application.

    Now you can order effortless wireless charging for Tesla Model S. We answer other installed on your upgraded Tesla Model S, to pass power over the air gap.

    We want that as a society for innovation the center console in Tesla's actually came from an after-market part- did you know but also so the manufacturers don't have that kind of leverage. Besides the obvious huge power losses due to inefficiency, I'm not sanguine about very strong EM fields adjacent to humans. Those types of stalls will have to proceed the release of the FSD capability or otherwise what is the point. Additionally, a "snake" charger would work nicely at a supercharger. But wireless charging still has loss compared to hard wired.

    Plugless Power Wireless Charging Update | Tesla Motors Club

    Evatran and maybe other companies have wireless charging systems that can be retrofitted to EVs, including Tesla cars. In addition to the extra convenience, wireless charging would be ideal for self-driving cars since it would allow them to charge themselves. So, wireless charging seems like something that Tesla would be very interested in. I would think that Tesla would want to make the feature standard on all their cars.

    The downside is that wireless charging is slower. Plus you have to make sure your car is positioned right relative to the base or the charging won't start. Wireless charging could work for home charging but it would be a step down from the supercharger network.

    I know Tesla demoed that metallic arm that could automatically find and plug into the charging port to charge the car. But that method seems less elegant than wireless charging where you simply park and it starts charging. Maybe Tesla is waiting until they can make a wireless charging system that is super fast? I don't find it a hardship to walk 3 steps to my charging cable, turn 90 degrees in place and plug the car in.

    I certainly would never pay extra for an option that you described. Efficiency is the issue, not whether the method is slower. I certainly would not be happy expending kW of power in order to charge 85kW into my car's battery! Wireless charging may look nice on paper but technology-wise the time is not here yet.

    It has to be cost and efficiency competitive with what we have to be accepted. Even cell phones do not have it yet. Let time pass where volume sales increase, components become scalable, and costs come down. Obviously, regular charging is not a hardship. But some type of automated charging will be necessary for true self-driving. And, Tesla is pushing the vision that you will be able to get out of your Tesla and it will find and park itself. How convenient if the car could charge itself simply by parking while you are already inside!

    I think it will happen eventually but like was said above, the technology just isn't there yet to do it efficiently. I am sure when Tesla can make it cost effective and efficient, they will do it. Wireless charging just seems to really fit with Tesla's vision.

    Imagine coming home, you get out of your car, the car automatically goes into summon mode and pulls into your garage where it automatically starts charging. You arrive at work, and get out, the car automatically goes into park seek mode and parks itself and automatically starts charging. That's years off, to say the least. However, such an idea is impossible with ICE. But wireless charging still has loss compared to hard wired.

    You wouldn't notice the extra cost when charging a phone. But you would when charging a car. Anyway, wireless charging is a nice convenience, but costly in power. It also reduces a vehicle's range slightly due to the added weight of the charging plate mounted on the car's underside. Maybe Wireless is really the requirement here, manual intervention should not be there for charging.

    Wired charging is most efficient at least for now. Plugless is too slow because of wireless. A simple on the floor jack like device which automatically connects to charging port on the underside of the car would be good enough. With auto park in the garage summon to a precise location, this should be doable in garage and other charging locations. If they kept it AC then converted in the car like they do for their home chargers it may be more efficient.

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