Hyundai excel gearbox problems

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  • It's a hyundai accent gl 5 speed manual. Take a look at your bushings at the end of the shift cables at the transmission/gearbox. Here is.

    My wife's car, a Hyundai Accent with , miles, has developed a transmission issue. Temperatures at night are in the 40s, day temps.

    My daughter has a hyundai Accent GL that won't shift gears correctly. We brought it to a Auto transmission problem- Hyundai Accent GLS 4 Answers.

    Threaded Mode Switch to Threaded Mode. Brought to dealer, who replaced vs repairing. The transmission fluid had never been changed to my knowledge we bought it used so Jeff changed the fluid. Send a private message to dwalker Clutch went out at 28, miles.

    Hyundai Excel Problem - Hyundai - Automotive

    Hyundai Accent Offered in a 2 or 3 door hatchback, or 4 door sedan ,this compact offers room to seat 4 people and excellent economy. Accent transmission problem or sensor problem? This is going to be lengthy but it shows all my troubleshooting. We live in San Diego, CA. Temperatures at night are in the 40s, day temps are 70s to 80s. A couple weeks ago she had some problems, engine revving but transmission not kicking into gear immediately even though in DRIVE.

    I guessed and our mechanic Jeff confirmed it was a transmission problem. The transmission fluid had never been changed to my knowledge we bought it used so Jeff changed the fluid. He went ahead and changed the filter and cleaned out all of the metal in the pan. He put it back together and filled it with fluid. I drove off and the transmission performed great, just as it should. The next morning around 5: I noticed it would shift up normally ending up in 3rd gear.

    I took it back home. The transmission worked beautifully, shifting as normal even into OD. It worked great the rest of the day. No noise, no smell. The next morning about 8: The same thing happened, it shifted into 3rd gear and stayed.

    After about 6 or 7 miles I pulled over and put the car into P and shut the engine off for about 10 sec. I drove at speeds up to 70 mph legally , it shifted like it should, downshifting up hills and going into OD.

    I stopped and talked with Jeff our mechanic telling him what I found. He thought that maybe the gears heated up enough to compensate for the missing chunks, just a speculation. So the next day I started out with the same problem, staying in 3rd gear. The car stayed in 3rd gear. I took it back to Jeff and he ran diagnostics on it with no error code showing up for anything. I asked him if it could be in the computer since when I shut the car off it reset something so the car runs fine.

    The next day I started out with the same problem, stuck in 3rd gear. I forgot something in the house so I shut the engine off, ran in the house, taking only 2 minutes or so, started the car and drove off. The transmission worked great! So now we start it up, let it run for a minute or so, turn off for about 30 sec. Send a private message to dwalker Find all posts by dwalker That transmission is toast.

    Ive worked on imports for awhile and done my share of transmission work and from my experience if there's even so much as metal dust like shinys in the transmission fluid or stick to the pan magnet so much that you cant see the magnet it's over especially a hyundai accent or elantra. My 04 has bookoos of auto tranny recalls on it that's y i drive 5-speed ive seen trans at k that never got changed get fried.

    And flushing it is a 1-way ticket to turning that trans into scrap metal. Changing the fluid in a tranny that hasnt had regular maint 30 or 60k can cause more harm than good. All the clutch material and pieces in the pan are no longer there hence the clutches cant grab. Besides, you found those pieces in the pan who knows what of those could be in the tiny tiny valves and pistons in the valve body that could be seizing or sticking.

    Send a private message to Recian. Find all posts by Recian. Originally Posted by dwalker Send a private message to sbr Find all posts by sbr Exact same issue here. Really hoping it doesnt need a whole new transmission. This link mentions similar issues being caused by pulse generators, temp sensor, or corroded wiring harness on earlier models: Send a private message to Mozgus. Find all posts by Mozgus. Can anyone tell me where the Transmission fluid temperature sensor is located on a Hyundai Accent, Auto matic trans.

    Hyundai Accent Transmission

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